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Liesbeth Tjon A Meeuw

Sierra Leone, a place in the forest called Rogbonko

When we go to the African continent, we go back to Mother Earth. And that return must be a warm welcome. It can be reflected in a person or a particular situation that will occur just like that, without you foreseeing it. I had that moment in Rogbonko, a village deep in the forest of Sierra Leone. I was there making an audio documentary about the place and its developing projects. They are the initiative from the writer Aminatta Forna and her cousin Morlai Forna, who have their roots in the village. My stay revealed something about myself, as happens in most of my stories.  It is something that I want to share in this writing.  We think we travel to meet new people and other cultures. But underneath all of that, I also agree that we travel to learn more about ourselves.
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