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Robert Ochola

Countering Violent Extremism: A different perspective

I remember when a group of us would look over the graveyard near our homes in Kariokor, fighting back tears as we mourned yet another friend who had been shot dead in the seemingly endless gun battles between police and gangs in Eastlands. After too many lives lost in Nairobi, with two neighbourhood friends we resolved to work out ways to fight the gang threat.
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The Bible says that Jesus died for the sins of mankind but here in Kenya 147 young people have died because of the sins of the Country. It would be unwise to generalize and blame the whole Nation but they died because of the sinful nature of the government, some radicalized citizens and sympathizers from within.

“#147 is not just a number,” is what is currently trending in Kenya. This is the hash tag created in the social media circles in recognition, commemoration and discussion of the 147 students who were mercilessly killed in their university by the Somali terrorist group, Al-Shabbab.
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Africa’s reliable disappointments: Football

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is over and as the fever dies in the rest of the World, congratulations are in order for the Germans who emerged the champions. They indeed have proved that like their BMW’s and Mercedes, their machines if well oiled, can deliver wonders.
As the curtains are brought down and focus now goes to domestic leagues, African player’s transfers are taking a center stage in the International transfer market with huge expensive sales. This is a stark contrast of the heartaches and headaches many of the players put their Countries and the entire African continent through in Brazil.
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Football: God does not Love Africa!

Every four years the World is treated to a congregation that the United Nations, all Religions and Politicians are enviable of. This is a meeting of hearts and souls from all corners of the World congregating in a Country to witness and be part of the Football World Cup celebrations.

The FIFA World Cup is one of the international associations where affirmative action does not exist. As the World looks at giving more opportunities to underprivileged persons or over populated areas, FIFA does the opposite.
Europe with 47 Countries has the Lions share at the Football spectacle with 13 representatives whereas Africa with 54 countries only has 5 representatives at the tournament and has hosted it only once. Sadly Africa with all its prayers and footballing witchcraft has never advanced past the quarter final.
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Homosexuality is worse than Terrorism!

It was on a cold evening on March 26, 2014.The evening quietness and tranquility was broken by a loud shriek of a woman and wails from others as they shouted, help help help this guy will kill us! Mr. Duale jumped to his feet and dashed out carrying an axe and knife, all that was on his mind was to save his neighbors.

Outside he met a lady who in between gasps of breath told him that there was a terrorist shooting wildly and wrapped in bombs and was about to blow himself up. He ordered the woman to lock herself in a house and promised to take care of the terrorist. He was soon joined by other armed persons and moved towards the direction where the terrorist was, the neighborhood’s public square.

As they came to the clearing, he organized the gathered crowd on how they would attack the guy and either disarm or kill him. Duale was an extremely vocal person in the community and his perceived wise council was rated highly. As he took up his position besides a house, he heard some giggling, whispers and moans coming from inside the house.

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Son ignores family and hangs out with Neighbours…

Kenya’s greatest, most famous and popular expatriate, American President Barack Obama is on his first major African tour. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on which section and tribal affiliation you belong to in this powerful East African Country he won’t even make a stopover for some Lake Victoria Tilapia in his Fatherland.
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Mandela: Time to let him go……

Former South African President Nelson Ma

Former South African President Nelson Ma

A few days ago, a colleague of mine told me that he was heading to South Africa to report on the condition of the ailing Nelson Mandela the Country’s former president. In a terse reply I told him just to be open and admit just like all other journalists and reporters just basically ‘whole’ media houses camped in the gold rich country, he was going to wait for the news of the Century, the death of Mandela.

It is a sad truth that many don’t want to admit but, it is the news that all media houses are elbowing and scheming to be the ones to break. I can’t blame people but that’s the news the world is waiting to hear. It would be sad even for North Korea’s president Kim, if Madiba as he is fondly called, was to walk out of Hospital standing tall and strong like a 30 year old stud.
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Tyranny of a Super Tribe

Kenya is a Country that claims it fears God and always attributes goodness and also tragedies to the Almighty e.g. a person dies of consuming illicit toxic liquor and the people go like “It was his time and God took him.” Someone is violently robbed and they go like “God will definitely punish the criminal,” in this occasion they know the person who did it but they don’t take necessary action against him. They queue for six hours during elections, vote in criminals and warlords who lead them to unleashing terror on their neighbors and they say “It’s God who gives us our leaders.”

Like in a previous article ‘gangsters-paradise,’ we also celebrate and worship criminals and gangsters and this not only in Kenya but it’s an African thing. But, Kenya has a knack of taking things to another level like rewarding suspects indicted at the highest court in the World by handing them the Presidency and vice-presidency.
Democracy is an Ass, I repeat, especially in a Country like Kenya. Democracy entails majority having their way and the minority get to be laughed at and called names. Kenya has a super tribe, this is the most populous tribe, a seesaw tribe, and this is the second largest tribe and 40 other tribes.

The super tribe historically and in the next ten thousand years will never vote in any other person from any other tribe apart from theirs and they have perfected the art of wheeling in other tribes and promising them Heaven only to deliver them to hell once they get into power. They are both cajoling and conniving.
Thus the Super tribe has a strong belief that no one from any other tribe say for the Seesaw tribe can ever rule this East African Nation. They have thus scared stiff the other 40 tribes into submission.

As the otherwise calm and peaceful Country celebrate the win of the two suspects facing trial at the Hague, our non-tribal hood discussions asks, any ordinary guy has to secure a Certificate of good conduct in order get even a drivers jobs and also vie for any seat, where did these two get their certificates to drive the Country? They are in power now and nothing can be done about it.

As the hood always believes, the system cannot be trusted and that’s why there were thousands of anomalies with the elections. The losers have now taken to Court another arm of the system. They have confidence they will win. Hah! The hoods say no! We have confidence in the Chief Justice yes, but not the system. He is still the senior government official detained by a junior immigration officer at the Airport just before the election on some flimsy orders from above bullying and embarrassing skit.

As the victim and villain of the bungled 2007 general election head to retirement, the suspected main perpetrators of the violence that followed take over the reins of Government. That’s the Kenyan way of saying thank you for the almost breaking the Country apart.
A tv news presenter and media personality Ramah Nyang tweeted, “How do we look into the eyes of those who got raped or lost siblings, husbands, families, and tell them, “We’ll give you no justice?” How?

Many look at the ICC as the savior of Kenya’s face and fight for Justice for the weak but the hood thinks otherwise. The prosecutors are weak and are up against a Government they are accusing to provide them with a lot. They failed to secure witnesses like in the movies and persons working for the accused got to them. They forgot this is Africa and Impunity will prevail.

The Super tribe’s tyranny of numbers shines again as the other 40 tribes watch and learn painfully that they will never lead this Country in thousands of years to come.

Gangsters Paradise

So Kenya is heading for another General Election in a couple of days’ time!! What makes it so special that all World and Media attention is zeroed on this great East African Country?? Is it because America’s President Obama has relatives and roots there?? Or is it because this is the elections following the 2007/08 elections that turned violent after the results were announced leaving over a thousand dead, many more thousands injured and much more displaced and turned to refugees in their own Country to date?? Is it the Country’s tea and Coffee or Tourism sites and wildlife??

Let’s zero in on Obama and unfortunately the Violence. Obama’s America has a large State by the name of Texas. It’s one of the most famed States and like Kenya in 2007/08, due to Violence but of a different age, when cowboys roamed freely doing all sorts of Injustices.
In our hood walk-in-sit-out-in-the-cold cinemas, Western American movies are full of scripts of wanted villains with a bounty on their head and Kenya just might be headed back in time and towards the same. Two suspects who are facing cases at the ICC have united to form a grand alliance that just might see them win the Elections and thereby set a standoff with the International Court.

Uhuru Kenyatta vying for the Presidency and his running mate William Ruto are the senior most individuals in Kenya to face the court. Ironically, they are from the communities that were warring in 2007/08. One is accused of amongst others attacking and the other counter-attacking the other community.
Democracy where the majorities have their way and say can be an arse especially in a Country like Kenya where tribal allegiances surpass all forms of ethics. The Presidential front runner and his running mate come from the first and second most populous tribes in the Country.
With the heavy winds beckoning at The Hague where ICC is hosted, the two know that the only way they can avoid time behind bars is by having a coalition of suspects. Everyone who is an Africanist or African knows that no sitting president in this Continent can ever attend court proceedings. The next agenda for the Court would be to post Wanted posters for their arrest.

In the hoods, gangsters are usually worshiped by persons in their hood but scorned and castigated by outside forces who are usually victims directly or indirectly. It is the same case here. The question is if the two gentlemen are elected and take over the Presidency, will they go against “African culture” and attend proceedings at the ICC?? If they don’t will other ordinary gangsters in the Country also skip their court cases and use the Presidents case as a referral point?
March 4th is Election Day in Kenya and millions of voters will walk into polling booths not with Party Manifestos and candidates track record on their minds to influence their vote but with ethnic allegiance high up above.

Already a Human rights watchdog, Kenya Human Rights Commission, report has said that nearly a thousand persons have been armed in Rongai area in Nakuru in Rift Valley Province and new militia linked to and affiliated to rival political parties have been formed in different areas known to be volatile. Since the signing of the peace accord in 2008, there were reports that many people from areas hard hit by the violence began arming themselves with firepower claiming that next time around they would not be caught off-guard by their neighbors.

As the countdown continues to Kenya’s big day,we watch extremely carefully as a great African Nation just might be frequented by Presidents such as Sudan’s Al-Bashir and turned into a Gangsters Paradise.

Half a Life in Nairobi

The cool evening warmth is suddenly disrupted as a couple of loud bangs rent the air sending birds scampering up in the sky, children screaming for their mothers and people running halter-skelter. When calm sets in, everyone moves towards one direction as word spreads in the neighborhood that a couple of boys have been shot. At the site, there’s a huge crowd as some women wail uncontrollably, lying in a pool of blood next to one another are three young boys. Barely out of their teens, they’ve been shot dead by the Police just a few metres from their homes in Nairobi’s Ziwani Estate.

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Somalis in Kenya: How long will the Welcome last?

Finger pointing has turned to fist fights as Kenyans visibly becoming frustrated of frequent grenade and small bombs terrorists’ attacks in the Country are turning their anger on the fast growing Somali community in Nairobi.
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Is Obama Circumcised? Americans Vote!

Is President Obama circumcised or not? Will his circumcision status make you vote for him or not?? If Mitt Romney had Political advisers from Kenya then he would have easily won the elections simply by making Obama’s circumcision status a key leadership capability issue. You see in Kenya that has been made a campaign issue targeting contenders from the Luo community, Obama’s ethnic group. That tribe does not practice circumcision.

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Homosexuality in Kenya: Pushing from behind!

It’s wet and raining hard as we maneuver through dark streets in a middle class neighborhood in the lake side city of Kisumu.  There is a power blackout and with the heavy rain, perfect aura for having sex.

We drive slowly looking for a signpost for our rendezvous but the darkness doesn’t make it easy. After brief phone conversation with our host, we finally stop at a gate and my colleague and I are ushered into a huge bungalow. Music is blaring, guys dancing and the place is abuzz with activity. “Welcome to the Friday Jam at Kisumu Initiative for Positive Empowerment in short KIPE.”

We are ushered in by the centre’s project coordinator Mr. Mutisya. “Our days are themed and Friday is when we let loose, booze and just have fun,” he continues as he introduces us to different people. There are only two ladies present, the rest are young men.  Condoms, sex lubrication sachets, dildos, sexual and rehabilitative health materials are lying all over as we are shown one room after another. <!–more–>