Turkana warrior guards his cattle. Location: bush, 40 km’s northwest of Kakuma, Turkana, Kenya.

Aernout Zevenbergen
Born in Zambia, raised in The Netherlands, I have lived and worked in Africa since 1997. I was trained as a Political Scientist, for "to ask questions can be learned", as the Dutch nestor of journalism, Jan Blokker, advised me, whereas "writing is something you can or can't." In August 1997 I moved to Nairobi for one of the Dutch dailies, and I have roamed the continent since. In 2009, my book "Spots of a leopard - on being a man" was published. That year also saw me leave newspapers behind me to venture into new areas: photography, design, presentations and a combination of "storytelling and the quest for new masculinities".

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