Tyranny of a Super Tribe

Kenya is a Country that claims it fears God and always attributes goodness and also tragedies to the Almighty e.g. a person dies of consuming illicit toxic liquor and the people go like “It was his time and God took him.” Someone is violently robbed and they go like “God will definitely punish the criminal,” in this occasion they know the person who did it but they don’t take necessary action against him. They queue for six hours during elections, vote in criminals and warlords who lead them to unleashing terror on their neighbors and they say “It’s God who gives us our leaders.”

Like in a previous article ‘gangsters-paradise,’ we also celebrate and worship criminals and gangsters and this not only in Kenya but it’s an African thing. But, Kenya has a knack of taking things to another level like rewarding suspects indicted at the highest court in the World by handing them the Presidency and vice-presidency.
Democracy is an Ass, I repeat, especially in a Country like Kenya. Democracy entails majority having their way and the minority get to be laughed at and called names. Kenya has a super tribe, this is the most populous tribe, a seesaw tribe, and this is the second largest tribe and 40 other tribes.

The super tribe historically and in the next ten thousand years will never vote in any other person from any other tribe apart from theirs and they have perfected the art of wheeling in other tribes and promising them Heaven only to deliver them to hell once they get into power. They are both cajoling and conniving.
Thus the Super tribe has a strong belief that no one from any other tribe say for the Seesaw tribe can ever rule this East African Nation. They have thus scared stiff the other 40 tribes into submission.

As the otherwise calm and peaceful Country celebrate the win of the two suspects facing trial at the Hague, our non-tribal hood discussions asks, any ordinary guy has to secure a Certificate of good conduct in order get even a drivers jobs and also vie for any seat, where did these two get their certificates to drive the Country? They are in power now and nothing can be done about it.

As the hood always believes, the system cannot be trusted and that’s why there were thousands of anomalies with the elections. The losers have now taken to Court another arm of the system. They have confidence they will win. Hah! The hoods say no! We have confidence in the Chief Justice yes, but not the system. He is still the senior government official detained by a junior immigration officer at the Airport just before the election on some flimsy orders from above bullying and embarrassing skit.

As the victim and villain of the bungled 2007 general election head to retirement, the suspected main perpetrators of the violence that followed take over the reins of Government. That’s the Kenyan way of saying thank you for the almost breaking the Country apart.
A tv news presenter and media personality Ramah Nyang tweeted, “How do we look into the eyes of those who got raped or lost siblings, husbands, families, and tell them, “We’ll give you no justice?” How?

Many look at the ICC as the savior of Kenya’s face and fight for Justice for the weak but the hood thinks otherwise. The prosecutors are weak and are up against a Government they are accusing to provide them with a lot. They failed to secure witnesses like in the movies and persons working for the accused got to them. They forgot this is Africa and Impunity will prevail.

The Super tribe’s tyranny of numbers shines again as the other 40 tribes watch and learn painfully that they will never lead this Country in thousands of years to come.

Robert Ochola
Robert Ochola, born and raised in Nairobi the Capital City of Kenya. I am an upwardly mobile Journalist with a bias towards the truth and real issues that affect the real people. I have a strong willingness and professional capacity to effectively investigate and report problems and successes on the African continent and beyond.

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