Homosexuality is worse than Terrorism!

It was on a cold evening on March 26, 2014.The evening quietness and tranquility was broken by a loud shriek of a woman and wails from others as they shouted, help help help this guy will kill us! Mr. Duale jumped to his feet and dashed out carrying an axe and knife, all that was on his mind was to save his neighbors.

Outside he met a lady who in between gasps of breath told him that there was a terrorist shooting wildly and wrapped in bombs and was about to blow himself up. He ordered the woman to lock herself in a house and promised to take care of the terrorist. He was soon joined by other armed persons and moved towards the direction where the terrorist was, the neighborhood’s public square.

As they came to the clearing, he organized the gathered crowd on how they would attack the guy and either disarm or kill him. Duale was an extremely vocal person in the community and his perceived wise council was rated highly. As he took up his position besides a house, he heard some giggling, whispers and moans coming from inside the house.

He peeped in through the window curtain and what he saw frightened him to his core. There was a man having sex with another man! A distraught Duale immediately summoned everyone back and told them to postpone the Counter Terrorist mission and freshly ordered them to attack the men who were enjoying the fruits of one another.

Despite opposition from a section of the crowd that the terrorist posed serious threat to life and property of everyone including them, Duale would here none of. “Homosexuality is worse than terrorism!” he barked out aloud.

In a fraction of a second, Duale personally broke down the door and frog marched the surprised male couple outside. The armed crowd which was still confused on who to go after, either the terrorist who was reloading his gun after now shooting a 1 year old boy in the head or the two male lovers, were even more surprised when Duale ordered the homosexuals finished immediately because they posed a bigger threat to the community. Even the terrorist was bewildered at his own downgrade.

Hon. Duale is Kenya’s Majority leader in Parliament and while reacting to calls by certain Members of Parliament for the government to introduce strict and direct laws against homosexuality in Kenya, he proclaimed that, “Homosexuals are equal to or worse than Terrorists.”

Robert Ochola
Robert Ochola, born and raised in Nairobi the Capital City of Kenya. I am an upwardly mobile Journalist with a bias towards the truth and real issues that affect the real people. I have a strong willingness and professional capacity to effectively investigate and report problems and successes on the African continent and beyond.

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